Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cambodia Day 2.5

Started the day with a drink. We are, after all, on vacation.

Is that the Mekong River? The one in Apocalypse Now—where Larry (he was Larry then) Fishburne dances to (I can’t get no) Satisfaction?  So much of what we know of history and geography comes from the movies—ooh that’s such a dangerous thing, think DW Griffith.

3 drinks later we go to the King’s house, uhm I mean palace. 

Dahmn, gold much?         

 Who is his gardener?
Kings Disco outfits

                                               Hanging out with Buddha—best Buddhys.   

  Love the monks, they wear my favorite colours.

Bamboo Bikes

                        Bamboo bikes—great idea. 

Zuck is always with me


Even in Cambodia can’t get away from Zuck.

Went to the “Bliss Spa” for a massage. We had a 90 minute deep tissue massage for $30. It was soooooo great. So good in fact, that Greg proposed to his massage therapist about 40 minutes into his massage. BLISS is the correct name for it!
Everything is so cheap here and there is no tipping—I could get use to this.

Nap time until dinner

Delicious food from Tepui House with a Venezuelan female chef in Cambodia.
Drunken Tres Leche dessert

Infinity Rooftop Pool

Infinity pool & Rooftop drinks to end the night.

Phnom Penh 


  1. What the Zuck are you doing dragging a magazine along on your tuk tuk trip?!!!

  2. Your blog is interfering w/ my digital detox! ;-) Checked on fb strictly to check on you and the travel "situation" and saw your blog post. Loving the imagery, sounds like a blast. If you want to bring me back a souvenir, you can bring back that cutie pie in the bicycle basket, she looks like a doll baby... adorbs!

  3. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  4. Great blog talk and pics. Makes me feel like I am there sans the shower issue ha ha ha. I know you are so proud of your daughter. Give her a hug for me and tell her that she gives us joy!