Monday, July 28, 2014

Bali – Paradise, Pavarotti and Public Enemy – Day 6.5

I love negotiating prices and making deals. The haggling is fun and if I don’t like something I never have a problem walking away (just ask any ex.) But everywhere we go Greg keeps getting ripped off.  I thought it was poor bargaining skills but in this part of the world I have ‘Black Privilege’ or non-white privilege. I’m told that because I’m not white (even tho I’m a foreigner) people are more willing to negotiate with me. So all this time Greg has been ‘racially profile.’

Kidist made it into Seminyak, Bali before us and is having a wonderful time. Greg and I are so tired after our 24 hours of travel that we both need a nap, but how can you sleep in PARADISE!

Surf's up
 We decide if we are going to sleep we should do it on the beach. So we go to the beach and rent three chairs with an umbrella. The Indian Ocean is spectacular. Great waves that we all decide to surf later. Greg is a surfer and convinces Kidist and I that we can do it—we’re both game, but first our nap on the beach.
The nap turns into the best four hours of sleep that you can imagine. The sun, the sound of the water and the feeling of absolute serenity…

We contact my friend Kennedy, who lives in Jakarta with his wife Muriel, and decide to meet for food and drinks. Driving to the restaurant we get to see Seminyak and it is a happening place. Shops, people, action-it’s the vacation resort town of your dreams. This is where you spend your summer vacation with the kids and there’s plenty of people doing just that.

Take a moment to enjoy the coconuts
As American’s we are doing the whole vacation thing wrong. We are so use to rushing that we even rush thru our vacations. Whenever we’d ask anyone how long they’d been there or were staying, it was always ‘3 months’ or we leave in September.  In September! WTF are we doing? America—put down the electronics, slowly back away from your job and chill.

Made's Warung staff
with Kennedy and Muriel

We have a wonderful dinner at Made's Warung Seminyak.  After dinner we go to meet one of Kennedy’s friends, Ema, at Potato Head.  I’d heard about this place from my friend Carl, and it does not disappoint. It is spectacular. A beautiful club/restaurant on the ocean. When I say ‘on the ocean’ I mean it ends on the beach—the Indian Ocean is part of the place. Ema has gotten us a ‘table,’ it’s actually a giant couch/bed, and you take your shoes off, climb in and lay back with drinks, the sounds of the DJ and the ocean thrills your senses. It’s Miami on steroids (the good ones.) It’s beautiful and it seems everyone is in a great mood. Happiness is possible.

Ema is a great conversationalist and so much fun. He runs a linen company, Indolinen. Originally from London via Nigerian parents and a renaissance man. He knows a lot about many things including American history and politricks. We all laugh and talk. Ahh, yes, a perfect night in paradise. 

at Potato Head with Ema
We get a ride to our hotel with Ema. When he starts the car his stereo is blasting Pavarotti and he says, “I’m in a Pavarotti phase right now.” Singing with Pavarotti at the top of his lungs, we are all laughing hysterically. Then another song comes on his stereo and it’s non other than, Public Enemy. Who knew that when Pavarotti 'dropped that joint' we'd be rocking to him and Public Enemy. Word. 

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