Tuesday, November 1, 2011

COLOMBIA, South America: Bogota.
Day 2
Opening ceremony

2011 has been internationally proclaimed the year we celebrate people of African Descents and from that, the first Afro-Colombian Festival was created by Jenny for the Anna Perenna Fondation. The American Embassy is working with them and invite me as a Cultural Ambassador to promote American cultural and cultural exchange. Really? They must have me confused with someone else...but I'll go with it. WTH?

Uncle Charles, 1961 Colombia
(upper left, yes left!)
             I am also going to South America to check on my 87 year old Uncle Charles who has been ill. He and my Aunt Helen met and married in Colombia in the early 60's when they were both working as volunteers for the Ba'hai.

From my hotel balcony

    How do I celebrate my first full day in Bogota?  I go shopping! Off to the mall.

Very nice. I like it, especially since there are 
No Starbucks but lots of Juan Valdez Cafes.

The opening of the festival is wonderful with artist, performers , politicians and even someone representing the President of Colombia. It takes place in a beautiful building that is a bank, as does many cultural things (theatre's, museums etc) in Colombia happen in the national banks.

This is a bank?!

Hey that's my name!

BA & Susy Guevara

We have a wonderful panel that is discussing Black images and the importance of controlling them.

African folk dance closes opening night.

Everyone has a great time!
One of the bank sponsors
Afterwards everyone hung out and talked, until the bank threw us out. Uh, it is a bank and they need to close and count their $$$!
BA & Kidist with Karent Hinestroza,
a well known actress in Colombia

Two young youth workers doing their parts
Susy Guevara with both her parents.

Jenny 'gifts' me this beautiful necklace.
The designer is on the left.

After we leave the bank we go out to dinner and dancing.

Beautiful bar/restaurant

Jenny dancing with her two girls, Jessica and Susy.
This family knows how to party!

Here's your bag of valuables.

At the restaurant they bring a huge bag to the table for us to put our valuables in  (purses, computers etc,) then it’s locked and you are given the key.


They also serenade us as they welcome us with rose petals falling from above.

Carmine, one of the organizers.

Kidist and Jessica.

Everyone loves Kidist!
Kidist and Jenny.

Antonio & Jenny

Good Night...

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