Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrate Pt 11

Time for the FESPACO Awards ceremony.

The awards are beautiful and some even come with cash prizes between 2,000,000-8,000,000 CFA’s. The closing ceremony is much like the open—big spectacle and the President and First Lady of Burkina Faso.

The awards are a bit boring for me, probably because we didn’t win;-O

I don’t feel bad because Raoul Peck wins, I think. I was there but it was a bit too low key. I guess I’m use to American awards where there is an inflection in your voice when you announce the winner. Monotone in French and English make for a drowsy evening. So when they announce, no mentioned, our category, it was hard to tell except I heard Peck’s name along with other names, then some guy that wasn’t Peck went on stage. Later I found out the winner was not Peck but the Haitian film Les amours d'un zombie (The Loves of a Zombie), by Arnold Antonin. No wonder that wasn't Peck on stage.

The ‘doctors without trace’ film I liked, Notre Etranger, won several prizes. The Moroccan film Pegase won the big prize. It was about a girl who created a fantasy world about horses and demons to escape the horrors of incest she was forced to endure. I hear it’s a different approach to a tough subject.

It’s a controversial film and some love it but others absolutely hated it. After the mother half of my Mom/Daughter duo saw it she promised to never come back to FESPACO of it won anything. Uh oh. We decide not to tell her. A winning filmmaker said he just couldn’t understand how THAT film won unless the Moroccans paid someone off. I have no opinion. I didn’t see it because I wasn’t in the mood for incest, horses & fantasy that wasn’t Catherine the Great.

Anyway Salif Keita is tonight!!

There were 2 albino films here, J-F had one and there was another about a 4 year old girl, and she loves Salif Keita. I’ve heard so much about her, and she was there at the concert! She even got on stage and danced with Salif. What a great moment.

It was Salif Keita’s birthday and he threw quite a birthday party for us. We even sang Happy Birthday twice. I love the way they throw money at the performers. His band is awesome, especially the electric kora. Wonderful, great backup singers and four different drummers.

After the concert everyone felt so good that we wanted to go out and celebrate the celebration…and so we did.

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