Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Africa's Islam pt 5

Africa does Muslim different, with more style and swag. It’s pretty hot, or maybe cool. Whatever, it definitely works! Nothing scary about this. Let’s dance! All kinds of things happening in the world and people are having a good time. America has got to get over its paranoia. We are making ourselves nuts andmiserable. It’s like the crazy person seeing the boogie man all the time. Everyone else knows the boogie man does exist but they are out having a good time, shaking their heads at the crazy one as they move right along.

We think they ‘hate our freedom’ and they all want to come to the US. Guess what?

Some people are happy with their own lives. Most people love where they come from.

One young brother told me he spent 6 years in Canada, at school and he couldn’t wait to get back to Ouagadougou (Wa-ga-do-goo) aka Ouaga (Wa-ga).

Many others told me it was a definite NO on coming to the US. I guess not everybody wants to move in with you because you have a nicer house. Some people like their little homes better. After all, it's theirs.

One thing I do find curious, is that all the experts on Africa are anything but Black. You mean NO Black people understand Africa or Africans, not even the ones already here? What’s that about? Some things never change…

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