Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Apology to Whitney Houston

We all owe Whitney Houston an apology

An apology for enjoying her suffering. 
An apology for laughing at her struggle. 
An apology for dismissing her pain. 
An apology for writing her off as a has been, booing her off stage.
An apology for ignoring her need for help.
An apology for watching her implode on reality tv, waiting for the fatal overdose finale, and when it didn't happen on air, loosing interest.
An apology for not publicly denouncing Bravo for airing "Being Bobby Brown."
An apology for not being able to accept her as she really was: Black, Gay and Beautiful. (Yeah I said it)

An apology for demanding she be who WE wanted her to be.

We've all failed Whitney Houston.

And though it may be too late, we still owe Whitney an apology.
So here it is: 

I'm sorry Whitney that we weren't there for you.
I'm sorry Whitney that we seemed to enjoy your fall.
I'm sorry Whitney that we acted as if you deserved your pain.
I'm sorry Whitney that we didn't give you love and support in your time of need.
I'm sorry Whitney that we couldn't give back to you a little of the joy and happiness you gave to all of us.
I'm sorry Whitney that we didn't know how to love you.

Forgive us Whitney and rest in peace, finally...

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