Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 3 - January 18, 2009

My Godparents are in town (I lived with them when I was a kid (& thought I was grown), in NYC, the boogie down Bronx. So we head in to Sonja’s to see them. Evan’s glad to see his only Grandpa & other Grandma. Mom & Pops are happy to see him too.

We go down to the Capital where the inaugural concert is going on. The military is out in force with tanks, horses, combat troops—you name it, they are there. The crowd is huge but happy.

Jack left earlier to go to Arlington National Cemetery to visit his fathers’ grave actually a ‘columnbareum’.

We have a quick snack then go back to Sonja’s and get ready to go shoot the HBO Ball “Obama, That One!” at the Newseum hosted by Hill Harper. The Newseum is a new museum dedicated to the news. It’s fab.

They have elevator bars that only stop on the lower level and the 6th floor, complete with a bartender –it’s all shaken, not stirred.

We get lots of great shots and interviews with celebrities. Glenn Turman almost made us cry. Hill Harper
almost started to cry, Tim Reid and Daphne were ecstatic. Tracy Ellis Ross was bitchy (and to think Girlfriends was one of my favorite shows, I guess the apple…). But all-in-all everyone had a good time.

When we get back to Sonja’s everyone is playing games on the Wii. LaCoya’s playing Dancing with the Stars. and since we are in formal attire we decide to try it. This is not as easy as it looks—the judges are brutal. Next we bowl and play tennis and box and… what happened? Why is everybody yawning when me & Pops are up and still ready to party? Oh, it’s 4am. Wusses! OK, I’ll drive us back to Maryland.

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